ITunes Received a Grammy for boss Steve Jobs

The late founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, receives prestigious award in the world of American music, the Grammy Award. Jobs has a Grammy Award for his Trustees "creates products and technologies to transform the way to consume music, TV, movies, and books."

Grammy for Steve Jobs received by iTunes Boss, Eddy Cue, in the granting of the event in Los Angeles, USA, on Sunday night local time (Monday morning GMT).Cue, who recently was promoted to Senior Vice President for the Internet Software and Services Apple Inc., received the Grammy's this represents the widow and children of Jobs.

Eddy then tells the story about Steve very loved music. "He told us that the music form of his life," said Eddy. "All who know Steve knew that he was very influenced artists such as Bob Dylan and The Beatles".

Eddy then tells the reason Steve Jobs as Apple introduced the iPod music player in 2001. It was Steve's answer is very simple: "we love music, and it's always fun doing the things we love".

A love of music also makes Steve Jobs sure Apple will successfully market your iPod, even before it is launched. Turned out to be true. Having managed to convince a number of musicians such as Bob Dylan for Eminem to perform at Apple's iPod ads, making the iPod digital music player as the product of the most sold in the United States

In addition to helping to create a technology product, Steve Jobs is also huge in the effort against piracy of digital music, with iTunes Store. Currently, the iTunes Store has sold more than 4 billion songs since its launch on April 28, 2003 to alternative music lovers to enjoy music by way of download it legally.
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