Research shows tablet even brought up to to places that are considered intimate

Tablets Are Often Treated Like Partners

A recent study revealed that users often render the tablet the tablet like hers she married new couples. The early days of having the tablet even considered a "honeymoon" period for users of tablet, which was even brought to the intimate places.

Rosetta marketing agency did a study of 900 user tablets, and asked about their experience using tabletnya. The result is surprising, because most become parties ' colonized ' by tabletnya.

According to the data of the Rosetta Stone, recorded 68 percent use tabletnya while in the bedroom. It is ranked second, after the family room (living room) with 81 percent.

Actual use in the mattress was not a surprise. Because the tablet is now starting to replace the role of books and magazines. However, the use of tablets in the bathroom to reach 24 percent to yield somewhat astonished, and exposes the user off of the tablet was impressed they reluctantly gadget

Also note the use of the Rosetta Stone Data tablet in the kitchen of 34 per cent, in the dining room by 25 percent, and home office of 41 percent.

This study also showed a "honeymoon" period for six months when a new person has a tablet. The users of tablet tablet often brings those recorded while travelling. In addition to the task, the user is more likely to use their tablets to mengoprek and see what can be done with their new tablet.

However, it turns out this tablet users a lot more like the traditional ways of browsing the internet. As many as 47 percent more than happy browsing by using a PC and 39 percent more than happy using PC for online shopping.

The Tablet also known rarely used to play games, and the games are only used in the early period. Recorded 34 percent tablet users play games on tabletnya in the first month, and 29 percent in the 12 months after having the tablet.

With this data, it is not the right choice for rewarding tablet to couples on Valentine's day. Because you must be prepared to face the consequences: the couple will be more busy with tabletnya than You. hohoho

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