The Fact Is Post-sale of iPhone Better Than Android

In a few time ago this Priceonomics ran a study results are interesting related seken iPhone sales. Based on his studies of the iPhone recorded have a value higher than the post-sale BlackBerry and Android devices.

Some of the data that had gathered to sell the iPhone such as Consumers aged 18 months (1.5 years)the proceeds of at least53of the initial purchase priceFor only about 42% of Android and Blackberry only reaches 41%.

Well, It's not all Android phones are having such a big price reduction such as the figures above. For example the HTC Wildfire, Samsung 4 g and the Motorola Triump Exhibit recorded can still be sold at high prices, i.e. in the range of numbers 86% of the new price.

It seems relatively close to reality Priceonomics researchIn the mobile phone market the iPhone or anyother products claim Apple has recorded high sales valueThis corresponds to the level of demand is still very high.

For example, for the iPhone 2G is still valued at $ 150 price rangeMeanwhilefor the 3G iPhone model could be in the $ 200, 3G in the range of $ 300. IPhone 3Gs for resale measured 75of newpricesthe latter are in the position of $ 400so what will youchooseit is depending on your heart :D

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