IPv6 Internet Protocol becomes binding on Government Procurement

in early summer , the migration of major French networks to IPv6, wants to give an example. A circular will soon be published that will require compliance with IPv6 in the specifications for the procurement of the provision of services or equipment using the IP protocol. This text will be sent in the next few days to all Buyers of the State and paid to the information local authorities.

This announcement was made ​​following the holding of the first working meeting between Eric Besson and the main actors of the Internet in France. The Minister of the digital economy had hoped to mobilize the FAI (Free, Orange, SFR ,...), manufacturers (Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Technicoor ...), the technical community (AFNIC, Isoc France,. ..) and the Inter Cigref and management information systems and communications of the state (DISIC) and RENATER network dedicated to academic research. Disic The confirmed here that the future broadband network Inter will comply with IPv6 . This choice affects all central government (Economy, Education, Justice, etc ...)

The U.S. government will end 2012 with IPv6

According to the Department, " All the participants stressed the need to accelerate the transition to IPv6 in order to preserve the competitiveness of French companies ". IPv6 by providing opportunities of IP addresses virtually infinite, must encourage the emergence of innovative Internet applications by assigning an address by communicating object (sensors, lighting, automobiles, etc. ...).

The U.S., meanwhile, set a year ago very precise deadlines for the transition to IPv6 from their government. By the end of 2012, all federal agencies will handle native IPv6 to their website web, their email systems and name server (DNS)

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