Which one will you choose, Mac or PC?

In the world of technology, if there is an existential question that has never managed to solve is to: Mac or PC? Both systems have fierce supporters and detractors and comparisons, though necessary, are always odious. They know very well the creative from Apple, which received no little criticism last year for an advertising campaign that compared the two.

In the spots showed the absurdity of a master computer problems in a suit chubby classic and next to him, design a smiling waiter who solved the same problems without muss. The campaign, although bleeding for the PC was not very effective, but the doubt remains. Especially when one of the reasons given advocates for not buying PC Mac no longer exists. Historically, Macs have always had an image of expensive equipment for professional use . Today, the price difference between the apple and the PC is not as exaggerated and requires further analyze the performance of each team.

PRICES start talking numbers. The current price of a desktop PC without a monitor or accessories such as keyboard or mouse, start at 400 euros and thereafter . The PC range is the cheapest Apple Mac Mini, which costs 600 euros.

 A PC with monitor, keyboard and mouse of about 550 euros. The basic iMac, which also includes these extras, it costs 980 euros. In the first case we are talking about a computer with an Intel Core Duo at 1.66 gigahertz. The PC, however, boasts more RAM (a gig compared to 512 megabytes) and hard drive (250 gigabytes compared to only 60 ). If the monitor option, the tables seem to continue to benefit PC: 250 gigabytes of space in front of 160 and half the memory in Mac than in PC .

The i-Mac, though, has webcam (about 35 euros on PC) and Wi-Fi (30 other PC) integrated and sold with any software that the user needs. OPERATING SYSTEM PC does not have system operating and cheaper version of Windows Vista is 75 euros. Adding these extras, the price goes up to 790 PC. Meanwhile, up the memory and hard drive i-Mac to PC levels raise the price to 1,200. 790 to 1,200 euros compared remains a hefty difference but if something can boast the Mac design. The Desktop PC above consists of a box for the CPU 15 kilos and a separate 17-inch monitor and about 6 kilos for a total of 21 kilos divided into two packages. The i-Mac computer attaches to the back of the monitor, which, nevertheless, only measures 8 inches wide. The total combined weight is 7 kilos.

 For the Mac Mini, the difference is even more blatant: 15 kilos of the CPU PC from a box the size of a tupperware that only weighs 1.3 kilos. Last April, Apple reported record sales growth. Nothing less than a 94% increase in 2005, and a 62% so far this year. MORE SALES Philip Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide product marketing at Apple, said the company's sales are growing at a rate three times higher than the notebook PC.

The differences between PC and Mac are blurred even more in the case of laptops. Especially as far as prices are concerned. The cheapest Apple costs 1,000 euros, while a laptop brand with the same performance from the normally 800 euros. It is important here to distinguish the difference between computers and brand PC clones.

The former are teams assembled by little known or workshops. Although it is common practice in the desktop, the internal mechanics of laptops is more complicated, which makes clones are less common. Equipment brands such as Dell, Lenovo, Acer and Sony are considerably more expensive than clones and are equivalent to Apple. WORK ESCONDIDO The reason for this increase is not only the label with the brand.

Behind it all a work in providing the computer manufacturer of the most balanced and give the team the most robust possible. No virus Speaking of damage, according to Apple's own, and here are the world more than 114. 000 virus and all are designed to infect PCs. The information may seem biased, but the truth is that the OSX operating system based on UNIX, only recorded cases of infections. The final conclusion can be summarized with the word strength. Macs are more expensive, but s or internal architecture is light years away from a PC. Even if the components are simpler, more power is better utilized. The proof lies in the turnover rate of both. A PC is old in two months and replaced with another every three years on average. The Mac stand up to five years without the user feels the need to buy a new one.

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