Tip For Facebook user: Automatically import items from your Blog

If You have a blog and want to pass on your Facebook page, it is possible by following step:

Use the RSS feed

If you need the access the application items to begin with, a somewhat tedious process.
To do this, type articles in the search box at the top of the Facebook page and if the application is not in search results, click to see more results . Click Application in the left column and then click Items .
Click the View Application , then click the Access application .
In the left column, click Change settings of import .
Enter the Web address of your Blog in the text box. It is best to indicate the address of the RSS feeds of your posts. Check the box by entering a web address ...
Click Start Import . Posts in your blog will automatically feed your articles section of your Facebook profile.

Note: Unlike other publications on your Facebook, your articles can be viewed by all users.

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