The sister of Mark Zuckerberg leaves Facebook

The website Facebook announced Wednesday that Randi Zuckerberg, the elder sister of the CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, had resigned from his position as director of marketing.

"We can confirm that Randi has decided to leave Facebook to start their own business. We are all grateful for the important services rendered, "said a spokesman in a statement.

The site of specialized information All Things Digital had announced shortly before Ms. Zuckerberg, on maternity leave for three months, wanted to launch "a new media company to help businesses to be more" social "," is to ie to maintain a closer relationship with their customers.

All Things Digital has released the letter of resignation of Randi Zuckerberg, in which she explains that "(his) goal is to run (his) own agenda and working with media companies to develop their programs in new and more social."

"Faced with this challenge, Facebook will clearly be central to all my plans: I plan to show that anyone can do work on this innovative media platform," added she.

Also proposing to "advise on Facebook media projects if desired," Ms. Zuckerberg says she "will continue to promote a strong and assertive (Facebook), the social platform the most amazing ever created" .

Randi Zuckerberg Facebook worked for six years, almost since the inception of the company. She has participated in organizing a presidential debate co-sponsored by Facebook in 2008, and a question and answer session with President Barack Obama in April.

She thanks particularly in his letter the director of operations Sheryl Sandberg and communications director Elliot Schrage, for their "support", which allowed him to "show you do not need to be an engineer to be hacker ".

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