"The protected "google phone» Samsung Galaxy Xcover

The victorious march of the Android platform goes on - the market appears more and more variety of devices, including solutions for active lifestyles, which can not but rejoice. Samsung has expanded its line secure phones Xcover brand new "guglofonov", which was quite unpretentious name - Galaxy Xcover.

The novelty is running Android Android 2.3 Gingerbread, made in accordance with the requirements of IP67 specifications for resistance to dust, temperature extremes, and falls. In other words, ensures that the smartphone will survive even after a hold up to an hour in water at a depth of one meter.

In other characteristics Galaxy Xcover quite ordinary: 3.65-inch display, protected by tempered glass, scratch resistant 3.2-megapixel camera with flash, modules Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, network support HSPA. Another advantage of novelty is the relatively low price: in Sweden, where sales of smartphones will begin in November, he asked for some 2800 crowns, or about 12.7 thousand rubles.

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