Microsoft launches second preview release of Internet Explorer 10

And a new version for Internet Explorer 10, a! Microsoft continues slowly on its way to the launch of the next version of its browser with the second pre-release of it, available since June 30 Again, the Platform Preview is not intended for everyday use, but rather to test the new capabilities of the browser, which is enriched with new features CSS3 and HTML5 and sees its increased performance.

New features include the management of Float Positioned in CSS3, which allows designers to embed a content around other page elements. We can test this function with IE10 by following this link. This new version introduces IE10 also drag and drop, access to local files (Web File API) and the arrival of the Web Worker API, which allows Your browser Javascript simultaneously run multiple commands in the background: it allows developers to design sites at once more complex and more responsive. We can test this feature with a new demo developed by Microsoft .
All possibilities are described in the developer guide but non-techies can just try new demos , some sympathetic to run, offered by the Redmond company

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