Microsoft launches BlueHat price, with $ 200 000

On the occasion of the Black Hat conference, the publisher announced the creation of a combination of technologies for Windows more secure computers.

On the occasion of the 2011 Black Hat conference, held from July 30 to August 2 in Las Vegas, Microsoft announced the creation of the competition BlueHat Prize, designed for security researchers. It aims to "generate new ideas for approaches defensive computer security . The Redmond company aims to push them to develop innovative solutions to respond to serious security threats. "
It is not the traditional hunting program faults, as Facebook has just inaugurated. "What interests us is to promote the development of innovative, rather than identifying specific problems   "Said a Microsoft spokesman, quoted by AFP. The award stems from the private conferences of the same name held at the U.S. headquarters, reserved for experts and by invitation only. The last edition was held last October, and some sessions are visible in video.

Memory at the heart of the first edition

The first edition of this BlueHat Prize, which will close in April 2012, focuses on the development of a technology intended to prevent exploitation of vulnerabilities related to memory for a Windows application (such as "buffer overflow" or buffer overflow). One who will offer the best protection solution will receive a reward of 200,000 dollars. The second win 50,000 dollars, and the third an MSDN subscription worth 10,000 dollars. All three will be invited to the next Black Hat conference in a year, during which prizes will be awarded.
Those interested can register by writing to They must be aged   14   and over, not employed by Microsoft, does not reside in a country under U.S. embargo (North Korea, Iran, Cuba ...) The complete conditions of participation are listed here (in English). Microsoft does not possess the property of the solution, but gives itself the right to use in its products, conferences, communication, etc..

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