Logitech G-series peripherals for gamers

This news sure to please the lovers of online games, and that, under the CES, Logitech has introduced a collection of peripherals designed specifically for this audience. The kit consists of a great design keyboard, mouse, and of course good headphones. All these devices have very good features ideal for today's games require powerful computers to perform adequately.

To begin talk keyboard, Logitech G19, which has an LCD display with a resolution of 320 × 240 pixels, the top team and that shows you information about an estimated 60 games, thanks to a software that is necessary previously installed. You can also see in it the current processor load and even VoIP calls.
Moreover, this keyboard offers 12 keys of control, especially designed for gamers, and even up to 5 pulses detected simultaneously, this for games that require that possibility. It also lets you incorporate other devices thanks to a pair of USB 2.0 ports built.
The mouse also has very good benefits, and the Logitech G9x offers the possibility to customize this device through a system of checks and charges, in addition to significant improvement in the resolution, which now features 5000 dpi.

Finally Logitech G35 Logitech headphones with surround sound and isolating external noise. It also has a small microphone that lets you alter your voice using a preinstalled software that is activated by simply pressing a button on the headset this.
If you want this kit, will cost about $ 430, and the keyboard will cost $ 200, Headset 130 and mouse $ 100. And Europe will be available in March.

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