Google+ will make Facebook the next MySpace, warns expert

Those who wonder if Google + suffer the same fate as Buzz, Wave and other attempts of Google to invest social media will be answered in the words of an expert academic English, which sums it up like this: "Facebook is cooked ".

Steve Kille, a former researcher at University College London and one of the creators of the popular LDAP directory protocol, Google + has so many advantages on Facebook that he is likely to end his days as MySpace, Facebook a rival that has virtually removed internet card in a few years.

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Today research on behalf of the agency Ferris Research, says Kille five-point why he believes Google is more than + Facebook, leaving the site created by Mark Zuckerberg thin two advantages over its competitor of the day: a huge pool of users and a network effect that often motivates them to visit its pages.

On the side of Google, the integration of its web services to its social network gives it a distinct advantage. Facebook applications do not have the same rating, even Skype with major security holes. The circles and the networking model eliminating the need to accept each other of being "friends" will appeal to users who do not have to justify the refusal of the request.

The side of the photo, Google can obviously fall back on Picasa, which makes it "a vital and integrated service already exceeds the Facebook photo of" the analyst continued. Finally, it adds a more personal tone in his view, the interface of Google + is more effective than that of Facebook.

In short, everything that is good for Google + scholar in the eye of English. That is why he predicted a bleak future to Facebook. He still forgot two things: video games and advertising.

For now, Facebook has a huge ripple effect through casual games in it, even if the courtesy of third party developers. Google has suggested, however, these days, a section dedicated to social games may soon be added to Google +. Zynga and Electronic Arts, creators of two important games for Facebook, have already announced they would be the games on behalf of Google, is a clear need to expand their pool of players.

Finally, most important sinews of war on the Internet, niche advertising, which generates significant revenue for both Google for Facebook. If the latter has shown his talent to target users, Facebook has created a niche protected from the tentacles of the search engine of its rival. This is no doubt about it that it will play in the longer term.

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