Google launches Prizes, a site that rewards you for helping others

From a distance, Prizes has nothing to do with the galaxy of Google services. Yet this site, just launched in beta, has actually been mounted by the Mountain View company. Or rather by Slide, a company specializing in applications for social networks that Google acquired in 2010 and since that seems to work independently with its own projects.

Prizes are a curious mixture support site, contests and awards dollars and cents. The principle? The creators of "competition" ask a question or seek advice from other visitors. One can, for example, read now "help me to gain mass muscle fast! "Or" what is the best place to buy a bike in San Francisco? ". Nothing new, except that ... The trick is that when asking a question about Prizes, the creators decided to contest as an amount (10 to 50 dollars, usually) to be issued to those who, in their view, a provided the best answer. One can imagine that with this "carrot", the exchanges are more interesting.
Still in beta, and in English only, is open to all Prizes only partially, since it takes an invitation to start creating new competition.

you can visit it on

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