Fraud with electronic maps to know their number

At the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, experts from the Aperture Labs revealing cracked mobile payment system Square.

At the time devoted to the problems of combating computer crime conference Black HatThat takes place in Las Vegas (USA), Adam Laurie and Zach Frank, representing dealing IT security company Aperture LabsDemonstrated the shortcomings of the payment system Square.

Company Squareoffers a compact reader for electronic cards and related software. With their help, the owner of the smart phone platform Android, and iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can turn your device into the ATM, which just does not give or accept cash. Software and reader - free, for transactions made through the Square, you lose 2.75% in commission.

Idea Square - is excellent, but the implementation of several failed. Ex-hackerLori pointed out that the reader for electronic cards inserted into the audio jack of smartphones, from which it was concluded that the card numbers are transmitted in the form of audio files. Engineer to write a program that performs encoding. At Black Hat, they showed the system from a laptop, which was installed their program, and "Aypada" with proprietary software Square. To steal money using it enough to know only the card number, an attacker who takes the "mined" at his own expense, "pays" only 2.75% commission. Agree, it's much more fun to the traditional scheme, which involves weaning the owner of the credit card, purchasing goods on her and post them for sale Bandera (fence).

It is reported that Square quickly integrates into your reader data encryption.

History entertaining in that it illustrates the negative side, the openness and interconnectedness of all things on the Internet: an absolutely unknown to the owner an e-card company may endanger his financial security.

Based on the materials Agence France-Presse.

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