Facebook Messenger for iPhone and Android, Apple blocks the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe, Acer Aspire 3951: Another copy Apple?, windows phone 7

we are at midweek and leaks, along with the controversy, makes an interesting day today. We started with the leak of the announcement of the new Nokia Phone with Windows 7. The quality is bad because it is recorded in secret, but you can see perfectly the terminal that Nokia will launch later this year, with the Microsoft platform. You see, the variety of colors will be very present in this range of Nokia phones, as well as a fairly modern design. Some say the video is fake. However, my opinion is that it is an official video and the telephone numbers in it, except the concept of the latter, are real.

Apple blocks the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe
Want more news? Well how about knowing that the only real competition Apple iPad disappear temporarily in Europe ... That's right! Apple has made ​​a German court to freeze the sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe, defensively, as he arrives at a conclusion after the denunciation of copying Apple design and interface elements. Remember it is not the first stop where Apple gets its competitor. But ... is it really a copy? Look at it and answer yourself.

Acer Aspire 3951: Another copy Apple?
continue with leaks and go to Acer, who is preparing to launch a call Ultrabook Acer Aspire 3951. You see, the laptop is really slim, aluminum body, Chiclet keyboard, only 13 mm thick at its widest point, 13-inch screen and trackpad without buttons. All perfect except for one detail: that once again we are faced more than a device like the design of the Macbook Air from Apple. The thing is that it is not official, but the hardness that Apple is taking action against manufacturers who copied him, I think Acer should ensure its authenticity before jumping into the market.

Facebook Messenger for iPhone and Android
are taking too long but here . Facebook Messenger is the instant messaging application for mobile social network that just launched for iPhone and Android. 'll have to compete with other platforms such as widespread Skype, MSN Messenger or WhatsApp, but we believe that because the large volume of network users social, Facebook Messenger will have no trouble capturing users. In terms of functionality, we found virtually the same as in WhatsApp or GroupM, ie, chat, send pictures, position on the map or group messages.

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