The beta 5 iOS sold under the counter against a few euros

For fans, hard wait for the official launch of the next version of Apple's mobile OS, scheduled for the fall. Only duly registered with the developers of the company have access for now. Some of them, unscrupulous, know how to enjoy the incredible expectations aroused by IOS 5 and propose to simple users to enjoy a preview of the new features .... fee.
Some users are willing to pay to access a preview of the beta iOS 5.
We found this practice particularly in the forums 01net., Where several commentators have suggested our readers to "move iOS 5" against five euros on average.
How? You just provide the unique identifier of your device, called UDID, the holder of a developer account so that it is referred to as a tester. So you will have no problems installing the draft iOS 5: you can simply download the firmware and to associate a validation file in iTunes (version 10.5 beta available for Mac only) which will be sent by the authorized account holder.
EUR 2.50 beta on eBay
It is much easier for those with a developer account to get a small business with new versions of IOS they often have more than enough to meet the needs of users lambda: after paying 79 euros for access for one year, they may indeed bind as many as 100 devices UDID Apple-employed.
Sell ​​a beta, a product by definition not finished, is highly questionable and clearly forbidden by Apple ... especially since it is only the first and there will be so many others before the official launch of the product . And even if some of these merchants of darkness followed to guarantee the official arrival of iOS 5, it may well be that the subscription of some other developers completed in just days!
Nevertheless, the trade flourishes: a simple search on eBay only to find dozens of ads like this, in turn prices around 2.50 euros. Can only be called once again to the suspicion impatient with this kind of practice that can curl the scam. Use a beta OS can be very demanding because of bugs, crashes and other instabilities that can result.

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