Apple and Microsoft want to wipe out Android

According to Google, Apple and Microsoft with their patents on the war deliberately destroy Android. Instead of competing with the innovation they fight lawsuits.

Google has the mouth of David Drummond, director and head of legal affairs, issued an official statement in which Google aanveegt the floor with the patent war against Android.
According to Google, Apple and Microsoft effort, traditionally as fighting cocks against each other, together to combat the success of Android.
They do it with Novell's patents and to prevent Google from the old patents Nortel could buy them for an excessively high amount of Google's nose to steal. Google is following the very high price for the Nortel patent was paid, an anti-competitive strategy of the Android competitors.
With a smartphone 250,000 patents are involved with many debatable. Google's competitors want it to collect a levy on the Androitoestellen expensive. This makes it difficult for equipment manufacturers to sell their Android devices.
Both Microsoft and Apple's successful fight against the manufacturers of Android Phones, HTC and Samsung in patent claims and try to sell the devices banned.
Drummond also states not naive. Google is committed to Android as an attractive choice for consumers to preserve. Even if it is necessary that the opponents want to run neck to stop it.
Google does this in several ways. Among other in equal measure to fight by himself collecting patents. There is also a criminal investigation that started Microsoft and Apple figure out whether the purchase of Nortel patents used only for anti-competitive grounds. If Google does nothing Android devices are more expensive and less choice for consumers, according to Google.

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