Photo of New iPod Touch with 3G facilities Appears on Internet

Apparrently thet leaks of information about a product that will be released increasingly occur. This time the 'victim' is Apple. On Wednesday morning, a blog called iDownloadBlog find pictures of the iPod Touch that has 3G facility which inadvertently uploaded by Apple's iTunes site.

Then quickly the image was pulled from the iTunes site and replaced with a new image. But the scenery is only applicable to the iTunes site visitors from North America. English version of the iTunes site without hesitate iPod Touch that displays images.

Leakage of information is increasingly confirming previous rumors that say that the iPod Touch will have a 3G facility and will be released in September. Actually, the 3G facilities on the iPod Touch can be known from the IOS 5 beta 4. There are options to check the appropriate option on the cellular and GPS iCloud and the settings menu.

From these findings, it appears that Apple will not merilisi iPhone Nano, they prefer to complete the hardware on the iPod Touch so it can support and iMessage Facetime through 3G wireless networks. True or not this information, we wait until September.

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