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For those who use Windows XP and have never tried to display the Taskbar of Windows 7 (Superbar), now there is a small free program without having to install it (portable) to change the look of Windows XP Taskbar to become like the look of Windows 7 plus an interesting effect, ViGlance. This program is only the size of about 239 KB.

Not only view, but also tried to imitate ViGlance features in Windows 7.

ViGlance is a small program for free from the lee-soft which makes viewing the Taskbar of Windows XP be like Windows 7 (Windows 7 Superbar for XP). ViGlance features are:

* Process grouping, the same window will be used as a single group, with a view iconn only.
* Icon display will be 48 × 48 the previous (default) is 16 × 16, so it will be 3 times larger, without any text. Agaa perform such a large icon (48 × 48), taksbar size must be 2x resize it.
* Change XP Start button becomes a replica Orb (Windows 7), including the transition effects such as Windows 7.
* Information description name / title window with attractive transition effects (called "glide"). Text size will adjust to the long title of the window in question.

To be perfectly Superbar view, the taskbar should be on the lock (by way of Right Click the Taskbar and choose Lock the Taskbar until there is a tick in the menu).

How to Use ?

To activate this Superbar very easy, download ViGlance from http://lee-soft.com/viglance/ address, open and execute files ViGlance OneStep.exe. Windows XP Taskbar will automatically change. To return to the previous view simply right click the icon ViGlance (in systray / taskbar right corner) and select the Exit menu.

Screenshot Taskbar Windows XP with ViGlance

Taskbar Windows 7 RC 1

One thing (interesting features) that does not exist in ViGlance is the thumbnail, so when the mouse cursor is moved over the icon, only the visible text or text (title window) only. But it seems it also became a target for the next version (when I tried version 1 build 1077 ViGlance no thumbnails of each the program)

In order to view the size of 48 × 48 icon, then we need to Unlock the Taskbar and taksbar resize (resize it by dragging) so that its height becomes 2x.

 Download ViGlance (zip file 198 KB)

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