Tutorial to Changing the Display of Windows XP

Now, there are so many software that can change the look of Windows XP to be like the new Operating System. But sometimes the software installation is risky, because sometimes cause a problem whether it be when we update windows, after being uninstalled or conflicts with other applications.

The most secure and easy is the default Windows XP Visual Styles.

The diffferences of Themes and Visual Styles

Sometimes there are errors of understanding between the Themes and Visual Styles. These visual styles are files with extensions .Msstyles, which contains information on how the windows will be displayed, such as the toolbar skin, start button, border, button and others.

While the themes are the files. Themes that contain additional information such as icons, wallpapers, cursors and other. Within these themes the file can also contain information used by the visual styles.

An example could see the files in the directory C: \ WINDOWS \ Resources! Themes. Theme can be opened with Notepad or WordPad, and we can directly edit the contents.

Change Settings Visual Styles

we can open Visual Styles  windows through: Right-click Desktop -> Properties -> Appearance. And Windows XP only provides three default visual styles, namely: Default (blue), Olive Green and Silver.

This arrangement permits the visual display real essence lies in Uxtheme.dll files, which are located in C: \ WINDOWS \ system32. So that we can use the visual styles from the outside (third party), the file must be slightly modified Uxtheme.dll (patch). To do that, we can use UXTheme Multi-Patcher or UxStyle.

UXTheme Multi-Patcher

This program size just about 1.1 MB and after we install it, it will change the file Uxtheme.dll, so we can activate and use of third-party visual styles.

After downloading UXTheme Multi-Patcher, open and execute files UXTheme Multi-Patcher 6.0.exe. This first installation will be performed like this:

Click on the Patch, and then will appear the windows version information. If it is matching click OK. And it will continue  the process of patching windows files, like this:

Next will come the Windows File Protection, and click cancel.
Once completed, it is need to restart. Then we can use a variety of visual styles from a third party. To restore Uxtheme.dll to the previous condition, then restart the program UXTheme Multi-Patcher 6.0.exe.

Download UXtheme Multi Pathcer 6.0 here:
- http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/UXTheme-MultiPatcher-Download-2369.html
- http://www.windowsxlive.net/download/uxpatcher.zip

Using UxStyle
Unlike Multi-Patcher UXTheme that directly alter Uxtheme.dll windows files, with this UxStyle will be safer, because it will not change the file Uxtheme.dll. After UxStyle installed, there will be UnsignedThemeSvc.exe applications that are running in the background, using about 2-3 MB of memory.

We can then vary the visual styles from a third party. When this article was written UxStyle still beta and can run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Download UxStyle: http://uxstyle.com

Download  Windows Visual Styles

One way to try if success is to download visual styles and run it directly. Here are some interesting examples of Visual Style.

Windows Seven M1 VS 2.0

Sentinel Beta – 1

Aquanox VS (Jalankan file exe didalamnya dan aktifkan melalui Display Properties)

Royale Vista VS

Royal Inspirat special Edition

Luna Inspirat

Xbox XtremeXP



To download the others, please look deviantart, ThemeXP, joejoe.org forumneowin forum forum.

Once downloaded, extract (open) an existing file in the zip / rar and then search for and directly execute the file with  .Theme or search for files with extensions .Msstyles and double click, it will immediately show a screenshot of the Display Properties with it new appearance and some settings other.

If you want all the visual styles appear in the Windows menu and buttons above, place the file and folder inside the folder C: \ WINDOWS \ Resources! Themes, with the rule as follows: 

* Files. Themes should be placed in the directory / Themes folder (C: \ WINDOWS \ Resources \ Themes),* File. Msstyles must put in a sub directory. For example a visual style is VistaGlass, then the location of the file. Msstyles filetakkan in the directory C: \ WINDOWS \ Resources \ Themes \ VistaGlass• If included files shellstyle.dll, then placed in a subfolder c: \ WINDOWS \ Resources \ Themes \ Name_themes \ shell* Name of file and the folder is case sensitive (distinguish lowercase and magnitude).

But the easiest way is to search the files .Msstyles and double-click directly

- http://lifehacker.com/5056544/how-to-use-custom-windows-visual-styles
- http://lifehacker.com/5299484/uxstyle-allows-custom-windows-themes-without-patching

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