Tips to Care your Computer

Here are some tips to maintain your computer

 1. Never turn off the computer by pressing the power button until Windows has really turned off and hard drive is not running (hard drive light is not blinking). Turning off the computer by using the power button without waiting for the OS to stop will cause data loss, do it only when forced.

  2. Buy a UPS (uninteruptable power supply). UPS prevents your computer from damage due to high voltage occurrences. At the time of power failure means that the computer is turned off according to the procedure and consequently did not exist at one point.

   3. Backup regularly. Make backups of important data to external storage such as floppy disks , Zip Drive, CD-RW, DVD-RW and others.

   4. Run Scandisk and Defragment every once in a month. This will keep your hard drive to remain healthy and prevent damage.

   5. Never remove peripherals from the computer if the computer in a state of burning. This will damage the socket or the motherboard. Exceptions for peripherals that "hot pluggable" USB drives for example.

   6. Provide a minimum of 100 MB of your C: drive free system (Windows). If you use Windows Me or Windows XP will provide 200 MB. If not enough space for Windows, the work area will force windows to do the dumping data to your hard drive and will cause the computer worked very slow.

   7. Do not have too many programs running at the time the computer started to work. This program can be seen in the right bottom status bar  layer and the programs use memory and Windows Resources (Windows internal Workspace). Run only program that we will used

   8. Perform a virus scan regularly
   9. Use a firewall if you connect to the internet. Firewalls prevent your computer from unwanted access.

  10. Save with a good cd that you have when buying computer and peripheral. These disks contain the appropriate drivers and programs to your computer when you need to reinstall. Store in a safe and dry place.

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