How to optimize your SEO Keyword

keywords is one of the factors that can attract the attention of search engines in indexing a website or blog ,even  when we determine the title of the article / posting there are any special tips needed to be easily recognized search engines. Basically we are free to display the title in accordance with our will, however, the problem whether the search engines can recognize our post title or not. Unfortunately if the article contains interesting things but the quiet readers?

Keywords must be popular in the sense that often sought after by surfers there internet.Here are simple tips for websites, blogs or the title of our blog search engine easily recognized, especially by google. This tip is also frequently used by online pembisnis in doing his research. The trick is as follows(see the picture below):

# Define keywords used to the idea that we want to display as the title of the article, say the word "tips" and the word "Tag"# Sign in to https: //
#Select your language and country headed
#Enter keyword and click get keyword ideas
#Note the volume number of searches in the last month

Instead of using google adword, you can also determine the right keywords through site assistance, a simpler way than Google AdWords.

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