Computer Tutorials-How to Keep Caring Flashdisk Durability

No doubt that  flashdisk is currently the most commonly used medium storing data easy to carry everywhere. But just little that give attention to the problem during using it . Perhaps because of its capacity that has reached Giga Byte, so that all data is entered, and every moment is installed in a computer is like a mini hard drive. In fact there are not only hundreds of content data, even thousands of data on it.

Few people know that the flash has a life, like fluorescent lamps which have a life (eg hold until 5000 hours). Nor flash. But what age the size of the flash? How to use flash to make it more durable? what important things to note about the flash?

Some of the things that became characteristic Flashdisk
Some things tahat we must know about the flash (pure USB Flash disk, not MP3/MP4):

* USB Flash Disk can only be activated if there is electrical current that can be obtained via the USB port.
* Some Flash Disk or currents require greater power than others, so sometimes it must be plugged directly on the motherboard port (without cable connection and not a port on the front) to be detected.
* Flash Disk can not be read if the cable used was too long, because the current is usually less powerful.
* Flash Disk has age / lifetime, for example 100 000 read / write or resistance to 10 years.
* Read access speed is faster than write in flash. For example read 16 MB / s while the write 4 MB / s (one and others vary)
* File system is commonly used FAT or FAT32, because it can be accessed almost anywhere that supports the USB port. Though can be formatted in accordance with the type of operating system, like NTFS.
* Defragment files on flash is not needed and did not influence the speed of access, because flash is using a type of Random Access Memory.

How to secure the data on it?

The only way it seems to encrypt the data in flash disks. Although nowadays when buying a flash disk is included software that can lock it. USB Flash disk is not damaged although the possibility of wet or even soaked, but
first blow-dry it before being used .

Here are some Tips Using flashdisk to make it more durable

* Do not save files that are very much into the pendrive, if possible better in the zip. As more and more to save the file so the process of writing the flash will also be more, so it age is also rapidly decreasing.
* If it is not so important, avoid editing directly from the flash. Alternatively copy the data on your computer, then edited and returned after the copy to flash.
* If not being used, remove the stick from the computer.
* Try to always remove the stick from the computer through the "Safety Remove Hardware" and avoid the direct release when  in the process of reading / writing, because it could have been damaged by an electrical current.

With one another flash of age and have different speeds. One more tips when buying flash, do not just look at the price, but also a guarantee, if a little more expensive but longer warranties, so choose a longer warranty. Hopefully useful

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