Tutorial to using google search Syntax

Google Syntax:
1.Syntax OR on google is useful to search page, which contains at least one of the keywords or keyword. For example, we give OR Basketball Soccer keyword, then google will display search results that contain the word football or basketball.

2.String (+) is useful to conduct forcible searches (important) to a similar letter. And google will ignore common words. To perform a search that matters, we can add (+) in front of a keyword. For example we include:

Key words: download free, the word free will in disregard

Key words: download + free, then the word will be included free

3. String (-) are useful as exemption from certain keywords, for example if we want to find does not include the word hacker with a cracker, then we can enter keywords hacker-cracker

4. * (asterisk) representing all the letters and support the search in every sentence. For example, we enter the keyword science * photoshop, the result of that search can be varied, such as learning sciences photoshop.

5. ("") is useful to find a complete word and is also useful to search for a specific wording is very precise.

6. (?)  Allows you to search a directory. For example, we want to find a directory containing image files, then we can use keywords? Intitle: index.of? jpg site:. id. Thus the directory will display results that contain the image file on a website domain name ending in. Id

7. Syntax intitle: useful for looking up words from the title or the title of a web document. As an example we give the following keywords:

Intitle: Jakarta

These keywords will produce results with the title page of Jakarta

8. Syntax allinurl: google search will do the data in the syntax of a particular URL. For example, if we enter a keyword allinurl: index.jsp, then google will display search results that contain the words index.jsp in all URLs.

9. Syntax filetype:
keyword is used to perform a search on a particular file type that contains information we want. Type of file formats include PDF, TXT, DOC, XLS, HTML, PHP, SWF, RTF, PPT, MDB, and others. To find information about the virus in PPT format, we can enter the keyword as follows:

Filetype: PPT "viral"

Google will display information about the virus in PPT format.

10. Related Syntax:
useful to find a page that has the same or similar content to a particular URL. For example we want to know the contents facebook.com similarity, then we can enter keywords related: facebook.com

11. Syntax link: function know how many links from a particular site. For example, if we want to know the number of links from facebook.com, then we can use the keyword link: facebook.com

12. Syntax site: search function in a particular website, which Google will display search results based on those sites. For example, we want to know the contents of the site google.com, you can enter keywords site: google.com. search results will display all stored on google.com

13. Syntax cache: in this case, Google will display a version of a webpage when opened, where google will take snapshots of all the pages you have indexed. It helps operators see the pages that have been cached. You can type it in google with keyword cache: kumpulantipskomputer.blogspot.com

14. Syntax define:
useful to find a definition of a particular word or phrase. For example we want to find a definition of the Internet, we can type in keywords define: the internet. Furthermore, google will display a variety of definitions about the Internet.

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