Tutorial Ms Word 2000/XP/2003 - Quick Ways to Remove / Delete page in Microsoft Word

Among the many pages contained in your document, sometimes also found the wrong page settings or the wrong type so you need to delete the page. Many PC users still use old-fashioned way to delete a page, by deleting all the content (both text and images) on these pages. In this way, actual time required is a bit long. In addition, if the page that you removed in the middle of the document, the text is likely to be on the next page will change its settings so you need to set it again. Not really a problem if the number of pages in the document only slightly. However, what if the amount is more than 100 pages? Surely you would be quite difficult is not it?

If you follow this trick, you can delete certain pages in the document easily and quickly.
This is Quick Ways to Remove / Delete page in Microsoft Word:
Open the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) from Microsoft Word via the menu "Tools | Macro". Later in the program VBE create a new module from the "Insert | Module". Copy the list contained in the box correctly. If you have, run the "Debug | Compile Project". Close the VBE to return to your document. 

For the next step, you open the "Tools | Macro | macros". Click the "Delete Page" and click also "Organizer". Activate the tab "Macro Project Items" and copy "Module1" to the "Normal.dot". Click "OK" to approve it. Now, open "Tools | Customize." Activate the tab "Commands". In the "Categories" option click "Macros". Then, in the "Commands" drag "Normal.Module1.Delete Page" in the menubar is still empty. Right-click the new button you created to replace his name and icon. After closing the "Customize" You can try the button to delete the Word page. Thanks :)
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