Tuorial to Create a "Strong Password"

Today, with the number of accounts we have, from emails, websites, bank login, and log into important  account on the Internet, requires us to create a password that is strong enough, to guarantee more security. Moreover, if the account involves some very important information, it must pay more attention to this password problem.

There are various way to create strong passwords that include software to make it. But if it resulted from the software, it usually will be displayed randomly. So despite the strong, but difficult to remember. How to create a Strong Password tips?

There are three important components to make a Strong Password, they are long, a combination of letters and is not a word or a general term.

Here are some tips to make strong password

1. Create the long Password. Each letter that added to our password, it will add security and strength of their password. The recommended minimum password length are 8 characters (though there are at least 7 letters), and ideally 14 or more letters. As an example of a long password with a random 15 letter alphabet can be 33 000 times stronger than a long password with random letters of eight letters on the keyboard.

2. Combine letters of the alphabet, numbers, and symbols. The greater the combination when these components, then the password strength increases. If not using a symbol, then the alternative with the added length of the password. Although ideally a strong password is a combination of the above three components.

3. Avoid passwords that are words / general terms. Such as birth date, name, year of birth etc. Because the password is usually easy to know other people. It also includes words that are often spoken, popular words and the like. Usually the password cracker programs already have a database or set up these words.

But in addition to the three components above, there's another one that is also important to note, that the password easy to remember, because although strong, but difficult to remember would be the same, sometimes even cumbersome and confusing.

Some other tips to consider when creating passwords
*Avoid making a password with letters of the sequence, for example, "123456789", "33 333" or "ABCDEF" etc.
* Avoid changing the password that only the letters that have similar figures. For example have the name of agus, and create a password "46u5" then this will be more predictable. "Password" changed to "P4ssw0rd". We recommend that you use a combination of extra length and other components
* Avoid the words are already common, such as name, birthplace, birthdate, school, college, etc.
* Create different passwords for multiple important accounts

How to check if the password is weak, moderate or strong?

Currently when we create an account, it is usually already provided information on our password strength, eg in yahoo, google, wordpress and other. Other alternatives can use the Password Checker, which is a facility to find out just how strong the password is written. This facility will not record that we typed


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