mozilla archive format

When we want to save a whole website page (not the full content of the website), including the drawings and also keep the format or structure, usually can choose the Complete Web option when saving. But despite being stored, often this page could not be opened offline and its structure into a mess.

Alternatively we can save a page with formatting intact MHT (MHTML) and also Mozilla Archive Format (MAFF).

Save a whole website page is sometimes very necessary, like for a offlline reopened, for reference or for various other purposes. Add another, usually reading the whole web page with pictures and with a screen similar to the original would be more comfortable than just reading it in HTML format.

For users of Internet Explorer, since version 5 and above, the user can save the whole of a web page, by selecting "Save as, then the option save as type choose Web Archive, single file (. MHT). In this way a web page will be saved intact, including drawings and building structures.

This method could also be made for the Opera web browser users (since Opera 9). so that a page of the website will be stored in one file (including images and other components). This file usually with extension. MHT or. MHTML.

But because the format MHT / MHTML is a standard menpunyai clear, sometimes a file saved with one of the web browser could not be opened with other web browsers. And also there is not much that supports this format.

Mozilla Firefox Users
For Firefox users, with features our luggage could not save a whole web page in a file such as Internet Explorer or Opera. But we can use additional tools (Add-on) whose name Mozilla Archive Format.

With Mozilla Archive Format, we can save a whole web page in a file only. We can choose two formats that are available, namely:

    * MAFF (Mozilla Archive Format files). Web page (html, images, javascript, css) will be stored in one file only, which has. MAFF.
    * MHTML (Internet Explorer's MHT). With this tool is also an option to save web pages in a format. MHT or. MHTML.

MAFF has advantages compared to MHTML, such as a smaller size, can store any additional data, as well as MAFF files can be opened with programs like WinZip, winrar, 7zip or other compression program and file can be viewed individually.
Use of Mozilla Archive Format

To use this add-on, clear the computer must have the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Next is a download add-on from address. Add-on This is a file that has the extension. Xpi, like maf- (size approximately 356 KB). After the files maf- to download, then add into the firefox, by:

   1. Run Firefox
   2. Click the File menu> Open File (from browser Firefox)
   3. Find the xpi file (maf-, then after that click Open, and then it will appear the window "Software Installation"
      install the add-on
   4. Click the Install button, to install (add) add-on to firefox
   5. Once completed, then restart firefox before use

If already installed, then in the Add-Ons menu (Tools> Add-ons) will be seen the addition of Mozilla Archive Format.


Furthermore, to save one whole page, via Firefox, select Save Page as the menu, then the option "Save as type, select Web Archive, MAFF zipped. Or we can also choose to save in the format MHT / MHTML.


Once the file is stored (in the format. MAFF), then we can open them through firefox with the format as the original intact. In order files. MAFF or. MHTML automatically opened with Firefox, then the set through the Options menu in the list above the Add-Ons, and then open the File Associations and click Create association for. MAFF extension.