Tips to Buy Computer When there is a Computer Exhibition

One of the largest computer exhibition in Indonesia, Indocomtech, held back. At the exhibition has collected more than 300 companies that sell their products or services. Of course those moments will not be missed for visitors to get cheap goods. The exhibition was always known as a place to get goods at a price below the market.

So many products that were sold at an exhibition,  sometimes make the visitor confused to choose. In addition, sometimes the vendors also offer products that do not fit reality, therefore be careful in your choices.

These are tips for simple but useful for those who want to buy a computer at the exhibition. Good luck!

   1. Prepare your physical. Make sure your physical condition is not in trouble because it is usually a computer exhibition Indocomtech classmates always held in a place that is very broad. It should be long enough to round the entire exhibition area.
   2. Better use of sneakers or gym shoes. Should avoid the use of sandals or flip-flops when going to the exhibition. By using a shoe, you will not be easy to achieve and will certainly feel more comfortable. This also applies to women, so you should not use high-heeled shoes or sandals.
   3. Select an option before you go. When you walk in the exhibition, do not be tempted with bonus offered. Stay focused with the options that have been determined before he left.
   4. If you have not managed to make a choice before you go, there's a good idea to get around the first exhibition. See which product best meets your needs. To help you make choices, you'll want to collect the brochures available and soon to compare. It is not advisable to purchase goods directly make you fall in love at first sight. Consider first the product carefully, think, and decide later, not right away.
   5. For more details, many asked the seller. There is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed because it is the seller's duty.
   6. Compare prices at every booth that sells the same product.
   7. Once you feel confident, please purchase the products you want.

Thanks :)
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