Tips to atract reader to Comment on Our blog

Here are some tips for our blog visitors to comment on our posts:

Tip 1: Invite your readers or visitors to provide comments. By taking it, then readers or visitors tend to give comment.

Tip 2: Make a comment form as simple as possible, because if too long and complicated, so visitors will decrease your interest.

Tip 3: Do not always want our comments are true, learn to appreciate reader comments, because if they do not appreciate the comments reader, the reader no longer inclined to comment and will leave our blog.

Tip 4: Do not ask readers to register and sign in before commenting, because it is quite time consuming.

Tip 5: Comments from readers need to respond quickly and be rewarded according to the contents of this post as necessary.

Tip 6: We recommend that you install a top commentator on our blog. Thus the reader will be happy and feel appreciated, so that each of us post, visitors or readers will respond and provide comments back.

Tip 7: Law and invite comments on the articles we post to the reader, especially close friends and our colleagues.

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