Tips and tricks to Manage Blog

Tips and Tricks to Manage Your Blog

1. It is Better to not to make too many blogs
Although it's allowed and justified having more than one blog, but with many blogs would require extra time to send the manuscript or article.

It would be better if we have a few blogs such as one or two blogs alone but both articles are always informative and updated, rather than having a lot of blogs but rarely updated.

2. Plan the content of the blog
Make a blog that did contain a hobby or things that we like, because then of course our articles

3.Updates your blog as often as possible
Many of the benefits that we can get when frequent blog updates (especially the original), in addition to the preferred search engine, the other netters are increasingly easy to find our blogs, because blogs are rare in the update will disappear from search engines.

4. Consider what visitors want
One of the important things in managing a blog is to know what the blog visitors want, besides it also note the keywords that lead to our blog.

By knowing this, then we can plan and post articles that are favored visitors, so the value of benefits for visitors and readers of our blog will be even greater.

5. Provide immediate response
Perform routine checks the list comment or response from our blog visitors. By knowing the response, then we can give a response back to the visitors with as soon as possible. And this is what visitors like, imagine if we went to a blog and provide a question, but our question was never in charge, it is almost the same with a visit to an uninhabited house.

6. Focus on the content of certain articles
Although there is no prohibition, we should remain focused on the content of articles that have been our choice previously, such as our blog about computer tips continue to be on this segment, not to deviate to a cooking segment for example. For visitors looking for articles that usually focus on one content.

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