Ten Tips for successful blogging from Jeremy Wright

Here are Ten Tips for Successful Blogging from Jeremy Wright:

(Ten Tips for Successful Blogging, p. 238-241):

Tip 1: Blogging with love
Any activities conducted by loving those activities will provide greater benefits. Similarly, the blogging activity that requires love to write and post them in blogs.

Tip 2: Frequently Writing
The main capital of a blogger is like, industrious, and diligent writing. With frequent writing and posting the original blog, will provide new information to readers. In view of the reader is very fond of new things, instead of laziness in the writing and posting will castrate our potential.

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Tip 3: Diligent perform link
In Internet access, especially after the latest content-content, is one part that needs to be a blogger. Since most bloggers do link with a variety of reasons, first because he was interested in the topic link, the second due respect to the bloggers he links. With frequent link, then the bloggers will find many new things.

Tip 4: Write a comment on another blog
One effort to attract the attention of others who visit our blog often make is to write a comment. By writing a comment then we are sending a message not just for bloggers who are concerned, but also cater to other people.

Tip 5: Fun
One purpose of blogging is to have fun, shed saturation so that the mind fresh. Thus need to create a blog that is not stiff and cold, with no intention of leaving the blog creation itself.

Tip 6: Do not be afraid to experiment
Given the blog is a means to express anything, good ideas, idea, expression of feelings, a collection of tips, and so forth, then do not be afraid to try new things. One is to use a particular software application that can be displayed in the blog, because if the next time you no longer need can be removed. True the saying goes better for doing something wrong, than never wrong because they never do anything.

Tip 7: Use Ping

Pinging is something that is done our blog software to let a number of services that we have just sent a new post. Please try pinh services fib-o-matic wordpress.

Tip 8: Use feeds
One of the blogs that allow readers to quickly absorb new postings is to use feed. Given the feed is automatically provided by blog service providers.

Tip 9: Create Meaningful Title
The selection of interesting titles and invite people to explore further is the part that needs special attention in the creation of the post title. Sebaikmya do not underestimate the sense of assuming a post title, because one of the essences that can encourage the success of blogging is to determine the title. A good title means search engines will find us and reward us overflow traffic.

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