The Secret of Googlebot

Googlebot is a Google's giant spider's web search engine, these spiders have definite preferences, so we can ensure that our web field is a good bait for this spider, so we can try to increase the Page Rank and traffic to our sites.

Here are some things you should know:

Googlebot likes:

• Code of neat - more lines of text than lines of code.

• normal Keyword density, about3% -7%.

• Many backlink within the pages linking to the home page (home). (Top ranking sites had an average of 300 backlinks).

• The contents of the original that are not found elsewhere.

• Fast loading web pages faster, which means not many dynamic URLs to other sites.

• Tabs ALT for an image (image).

• Partner contextually relevant links to web pages (for example, if our page about the collection of computer tips, links-link may be about about blog tips, SEO tips, Internet tips, tips on usage of software, hardware repair tips, etc.) .

• There was posts or new content every time the Googlebot came to check our site.

Googlebot does not like:

• More lines of code than lines of text.

• Tables are clustered.

• Density of keywords that super high, which sometimes makes the site look not clear to read.

• "page out - in" that serves as a portal and just there to get super-high keyword density.

• Content is only a doubling of the web (copy-paste) from other sites.

• Many dynamic URL to make the site slow in loading.

• Repeating the exact same words in our link text, where the Googlebot will menginterpresentasikannya as exchange links in otomatiskan. (Which attract the Googlebot does not become fully automated, but the spider hate if we do it).

• Fields stale that never change, in other words, there never was a new posting.

Thats all.....

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