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Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

In addition to preparing meta tags for indexing on search engines, there are some things we need to pay attention to pages that will be promoted can be read properly and optimized for search engines so that the best position, among other things:
1. Domain name
The domain name is the key word to optimize campaigns on search engines
2. Title
Title is the caption that is displayed on the browser status line when a website opens, you should information on this title contains words or phrases used in the keyword.
3. URL Keywords in the url address itself can increase the rankings on several search
engines. This we can use if we do not obtain the domain name in accordance with the type of products that we sell. Therefore, use a filename which is the main keyword. Example: /
4. META HTTP-Redirection Redirection page is a start page when a website opened. Do not use automatic page redirection, where the page will move to another page automatically as it would adversely affect the process in search engine indexes. Therefore, should add a button can be clicked by visitors wishing to enter the main page.

5. Hidden text We can hide the text which is the keyword to provide a color background text color the same as the web, the trick is not in love by some search engines. If the editor knows search engines, web pages, we will not be indexed, it can even be blocked from the process of indexing in search engines, so it may use this trick but not too much.

6. ALT Tags Most web who want to appear more beautiful to use images for menu, title, and even text-text. But search engines are not able to read the drawings for purposes trersebut index. To fix this use the ALT tag.
Generally, when we prepare the images on web pages, html script tag to be added to the image <IMG SRC="namafile.gif">. complete script so that it becomes <IMG SRC="namafile.gif" ALT="isi with a description of the images that will be read by a machine pencari">.
7. Invisible text page When we create a web design, sometimes we need a caption for some components of the courtyard. Description This course will not be displayed on the web page is opened. For this purpose, use the symbol <- text ->. For the purposes of the search engine's index, itilah text that is hidden by words or phrases into the keyword.
8. Heading Some search engines use certain rules to find keywords in web pages. Use tags to bold the words that are keywords, keyword <b> </ b>, <strong> keywords </ strong>, or use the heading tags on those words <h1> KEYWORD1 example </ h1> <h2> KEYWORD2 </ h2>, and so on.

9. Writing keyword successive Some search engines do not use meta tags, but refers to the visible text on the page. For this type of search engine, we can enter keywords directly on the page will be indexed, but to generate a good ranking, do not write successive keywords without a clear meaning, enter a keyword in a sentence that can be understood:

10. Meta TAG Most search engines mengkitalkan existing data on the web page meta tags that will be in the index. These data are taken from the meta tags, like title, is used to give the title of the website, description is used to explain briefly about the web description, and keywords used for search keyword.
How are if the web does not have meta tags? If our pages are indexed but we do not install the google meta tag, then the existing data or information on that page will be made as a statement attached to the search engines. This is less profitable because of the information displayed in search engine listings are not as expected.

11. FFA (Free For Al Link) There are thousands of FFA sites with different categories of products and services. You can place our website link on this site for free. By installing a link to these FFA sites we will be able to increase the number of visitors. Some examples are FFA sites,,,,,,,,, , and others. 
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