Microsoft Word 2003 Tutorial: How to Create a Symbol Copyright, Trademark and Registered Trademark with the special key

With the availability of AutoCorrect feature in Microsoft Word 2003, you will be very helpful and can save time in writing a symbol of Copyright, Trademark and Registered Trademark. By typing (c), (r), or ™ into a document that you create, the three symbols will appear in the document. Tips, however, there is a shorter way untukmembuat these symbols by using the keyboard shortcut keys. You can press the same button "ALT + CTRL" and the beginning of the symbol characters to be written. For example, you will write the Copyright symbol, you can press "ALT + CTRL + C".

Trademark symbol to write, you can press "ALT + CTRL + T". In the meantime, if you want to deliver a Registered Trademark symbol into a document that is being created, you can press "ALT + CTRL + R".

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