Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials - How To Create Keyword Highlights


In order to remain attractive presentation which was presented, you can display some text that became the key word by giving a different touch of color. If you felt less, you can also enhance the text with a touch of animation in the form of a moving highlights. How to make animations in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Here are the step and tutorial:

After writing all text that you want to display in the presentation sheet, select a keyword to block stained by keyword. Next, right click on a keyword and select "Fonts". In the window "Fonts", select the type, size, and font color as desired. If all processes are done, click "OK" button.

Next, go to the process to give a touch of animation. First time, select the "Rectangle" in the toolbar "Drawing" and do the drag and drop on the keywords that will be given a touch of animation. After that, choose a color that seemed to close the text keywords by right-clicking on the "Rectangle" and select "Format AutoShape". In the window "Format AutoShape", select the desired color in the "Fill Color" and select "No Line" contained in the "Color Line." Next, close the window "Format AutoShape" by pressing the "OK".

Back to sheet presentation that you created, point your mouse to the menu "Slide Show" and select "Custom Animation". In window "Custom Animation", select the menu "Add Effect | Entrance | wipe". After that, change the Direction by selecting "From the Left" and "Speed" in the position of "Medium." In order for the keywords you want to appear above the "Rectangle", you can change it by right-clicking on the "Rectangle" and select the context menu "Order | Send to Back". Before you save, preview first presentation was made by pressing [F5].

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