Microsoft Excel 2003 Tutorials - How To Protect Documents

Do You have a number of documents created via Microsoft Excel and want to Protect it so nobody can access and modify the contents of the document ?. How to  protect the document so it not easily accessible by anyone?

Here are the Steps:

Open Microsoft Excel document that you want to protect. next, click "Tools" menu, and select "Options". To protect Microsoft Excel document, go to "Security" tab. After that, you can write the password  into  "Password to open" box field.
In addition, you also have to write down a password into the box for "Password to Modify". Write the password in the Password to Modify box serves to protect documents that can not be modified by others. After all the passwords you enter, then click "OK" button. After that, the show window "Confirm Password", which asks you to enter a confirmation password to open the Microsoft Excel document. In the window "Confirm Password", you can enter the same password with a password confirmation in the box for "Password to open" and click

next, enter a confirmation password for opening a document, you are prompted again to enter a password into the window "Confirms Password". This time, the password you write should be same as the passwords in a box for "Password to Modify" and again press the "OK". Now, Microsoft Excel documents are not easily opened by others.
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