How to Optimize the Blog Speed Loading ....

Optimize Your Blog's Loading speed

Here are some tips and tricks to overcome Blog loadingnya not so slow:

1. Reduce the amount of use of images and banners that are too big. Use of images and banners will greatly affect the access speed of a blog, this is because the capacity for a single file can only reach a few kilobytes (Kb) and can calculate how long it takes to download an image file only, if they want to use a lot of pictures try to compress the file size with software

2.Avoid love widgets or features-features that you are not need, something like the image header segede elephant, ubiquitous banners, clocks, flash and especially do not love this song especially the video and other things that do not need. Sesek make the already slow internet connection for mercy in Indonesia.

3. Your Blog speed is influenced by the number of blog postings that you place it on the main page, group or separate parts of the contents into a page. This is aimed to the main page or commonly referred to as an indirect index page displays the entire contents of the blog, so the time needed to load the main page shorter. It is advisable to display a maximum of 10 posts per page.

4. If you are Indonesian blogs, we strive to save the data images (if the blog we have a lot of pictures) on the server hosting the existing Indonesias. Because surely the majority of readers were people from Indonesia, tul? N if we are saved in Indonesia servers, automatically loading cepet will be more than a server outside the country.

5. If u want to use the Javascript (which is damning enough), try to place it on the blog Javascript bottom, because the part that will be loaded the first time is the top.

6. You can view your blog loading speed with a stopwatch

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