How to Access the blocked site?

How to Access the blocked site?
You can access your web site banned or blocked with the help of these tips. You may have problems accessing your favorite political sites, news, sexy sites in your office and other public places. Maybe that site was banned by the government, ISPs and perhaps by your office network administrator. This tip is very useful, if you use the internet especially in schools, colleges and offices.

Try this following tutorial:

    * Technique 1: Find a site that is prohibited, for example on Google or other search engines. then open the cached copy of that page to be able to access it. You can get the cache link from the website, if you search on Google with keyword cache: URL name. example: cache:

    * Technique 2: Another method to access a forbidden site using its IP address, because you can open a website by IP address rather than the actual name of the URL. This technique is based bypass the URL. For example if is banned in the school site, you can open it using IP address You can search online to find the IP address of any website.

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