Adobe Acrobat 9 - How to Insert Video into the PDF document

Presentation of a video that has certainly become more "alive" if shown to the audience of your presentation. In video lovers can also make your presentation become more excited because they not only look at objects that sometimes made drowsy silence alone.

If you want to insert video files into PDF documents with Acrobat 9, you can do so easily and quickly. First, of course, open your PDF document. After that, specify the area you want msukkan video. Click the "Tools | Multimedia | Video Tool". You will be asked to select the video area. Drag the mouse cursor to get the area as you wish. Next, a window will appear and prompt you to insert video file.

Just click "browse" and locate the video file from the hard disk and then click "Open". Before you click "Open" you will still be given the freedom to cut the duration of the video. Make cuts if diras video duration is too long. After you click "Open" video transcoding let the process run until completion. If you have, you can save a PDF document via the command "Save" or "Save As.
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